Reblog: Hate or Madness?

My Explication:

She’s obviously publicizing a racial/religious statement; the majority of red words are Bible vernacular, while the black written words indicate ethnic groups, for the most part. However, if you look closely, you notice that “n-ggers,” “white n-ggers,” “white,” and “wet-back” (typically indicating hispanics) are also in red. This is my interpretation: I believe that this woman, by unconventional means, is simply obeying the Bible’s Great Commission (share the teachings of Christ to others). I think her signs communicate remission; the words that are in red describe forms of sin, various virtues, and terms for every race. Red is the color of Christ’s blood, which is often associated with the idea of forgivness. I think the woman’s overall message is that Christ’s crucifixtion covered the sin of every ethnic background.
However, I could be terribly wrong. But I’d like to think this woman has some form of reason behind what appears as madness.


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