When One Door Closes, Another Opens – Daily Prompt

When one door closes, another opens.

It’s a cliché statement, but it couldn’t be more true, especially at this point in my life. Senior year is going to fly by, and the next major step of my life will begin: college. I plan to go to Columbia College Chicago and study journalism; writing is my passion, and although I realize that it’s difficult to break into the industry, I’m confident that my work ethic and skill will appeal to employers and I WILL find a job. Despite the number of times I get criticized by my peers and authority figures for my “poor career choice,” I honestly can’t see myself pursuing a different profession.

To refer back to the six words I chose, I understand fully that artist are often rejected by employers, critics, audiences of various sorts, and so on. But when one door closes, another opens – a lost opportunity isn’t a disappointment, but a growing experience. I believe that the key to success in any profession is persistence and motivation; rejection allows one to access their work and correct imperfections in style, which increases one’s skill and probability of employment. In other words, the correct response to denial will always lead to alternative opportunities.

I’m not always the most positive person – I would definitely describe myself as a realist more than anything. However, I find comfort in my ambition. I may be speaking from the stance of a young and inexperienced teenager, but I genuinely believe that one should enjoy the career he chooses. Authorities’ and peers’ opinions may be a factor, money may be the American dream, but the pursuit of happiness is everyone’s ultimate goal. Choose a profession for the experience and personal satisfaction it provides, no matter how difficult the path to success may be. In the future, doors will close for me. But if I react with an appropriate response that builds rather than defeats, I’m confident that new opportunities will show themselves available. 

written for The Daily Post, Daily Prompt: Six of One, Half a Dozen of the Other. 


2 thoughts on “When One Door Closes, Another Opens – Daily Prompt

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